In the Middle of a Pandemic, God Gave Me a Lifelong Friend

We talk pretty much every day, several times a day even.

Not about small stuff either. Well, not JUST about small stuff.

We talk about everything.

Right now we are working through some really emotionally tough issues in a recovery step study that we are both a part of. Past mental and physical trauma. Paralyzing anxiety. Sleep disturbances. C0vid-related fears. Bad habits we’ve fostered for decades. Relationship struggles. Financial worries.

We also discuss dogs, teens, crafting, t-shirt slogans, husbands, and worship songs on a regular basis. There has to be a balance!

Funny thing is, we’ve only known each other since March.

We “met” online in a recovery Zoom meeting during the shutdown and became fast friends. We both battle anxiety, so having someone to check in with on a daily basis is both therapeutic and reassuring.

When one feels like she is drowning, the other is the gently bobbing lifeboat.

There is no shame or judgment in the lifeboat. Only coffee and life-preservers.

And maybe a few dogs.

God placed this lady in my life during one of the strangest and most uncertain of times. The pandemic. A time when the whole world was isolated and locked inside the 4 walls of their homes. God gets really unconventional sometimes.

I wasn’t sleeping well. I was spinning in all directions, unable to find solid footing. I was facing financial strain and massive health concerns with a stomach firmly knotted and migraines plaguing me.

Days of isolation turned into months.

She was there. Just a Zoom room away. Ready to talk it all out, offer tears of empathy, memes to make me laugh, and share any resources she had. Even while wading neck deep through her own trials and fears.

In 8 months time, we have done the impossible. We have forged a forever friendship. We are iron sharpening iron.

We pray together. We uplift each other. We give each other grace.

Back in March, God knew what He was doing. He knew in this pandemic, I would need a friend.

He gave me just the friend I needed.

He gave me Angela.

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