My Husband’s Love Makes Me Feel Beautiful

I always feel beautiful in my husband’s presence.

How I look doesn’t matter to him. Makeup or bare-faced. Dressed up or in baggy sweats with stains. Healthy or sick. Freshly showered or sweaty mess. Sleepy, creased morning face or polished ready-for-the-day face. Covered in lotion or covered in dirt.

Doesn’t matter.

He looks at me utterly captivated, and I don’t doubt for a second how much he loves me. It’s etched into his expression.

I would not want anything less.

This has nothing to do with my magneticism and everything to do with the intimacy we’ve built in our marriage. Let me be clear in saying that it took years of counseling, distance, tears, arguments, pain, and uncomfortable conversations before we got here. It took work; hard, emotionally exhausting work.

It took unwavering commitment. It took us discarding all our masks, all our unrealistict expectations, and all the baggage we were carrying from childhood and previous relationships.

It also required forgiveness–not just in name only.

We’re talking epic, sweeping forgiveness for all the ways we had hurt each other in the past. The nasty names we had called each other. The overwhelming ways we’d let each other down. The lies we’d told.

True, enduring, passionate, life-long love can only be accomplished with vulnerability and 100% honesty. Any lie allowed to remain is a festering infection in a marriage.

Intimacy cannot co-exist with lies.

No matter how much damage your marriage has endured, God can repair it if you give him the chance. He wants you to be passionately loved by your spouse.

Every wife on Earth deserves to have a husband who looks at her the way my beloved looks at me. Unfiltered, unbridled, unquestionable love.

I thank God every day for him. Even when things have been difficult, even when my husband and I were miles away emotionally, even the times I doubted we would ever have the kind of relationship I prayed for, God had a plan for us.

You better believe He has a plan for your marriage, too.


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